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What Are the Best CBD Products for Sleep?

Our Nano-amplified CBD supports sleepiness and tranquility, making it the perfect all-natural solution for a great night's sleep. Cannabinoids like CBD help the Endocannabinoid System - your body’s control center - optimize your circadian rhythm so you can enjoy restful sleep.

Best Selling Nano-Amplified CBD Products for Sleep

😴 Sleep Stack: Melatonin + Muscle Rub + Mana Oil

🤕 Pure Relief: Mana Oil + Muscle Rub

What is CBD?

CBD is a non-psychoactive, natural chemical compound of the hemp plant that has shown to help regulate endocannabinoid activity, which helps your whole body achieve and maintain homeostasis, resulting in a variety of health benefits. CBD is a safe, gentle, all-natural solution for sleeplessness and helps promote a restful night's sleep.Read More

How does CBD help you sleep?

CBD helps promote feelings of calmness, sleepiness, and tranquility by supporting a healthy Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Your ECS regulates all your systems, including your sleep/wake cycle and nervous system. CBD can be used to for both daytime energy and performance, as well as at night to get restful sleep.

Is CBD legal?

Yes, CBD derived from hemp (with less than 0.3% THC) is legal in all 50 states.

Will CBD make you high or feel intoxicated?

No. CBD has no psychoactive properties, meaning, it won’t get you high, make you feel intoxicated, or impair your senses.

What are the best CBD products for sleep?

We recommend Nano-amplified CBD products for restful sleep. Our best-selling CBD products for sleep are The Sleep Stack. The Nano-amplified CBD increases the potency and bioavailability of the CBD, so you can absorb more (80-100% instead of the average 10-30%) for the fastest-acting, longest-lasting benefits and therapeutic effects.


CBD Oil Tinctures


For best results, drop the CBD oil under your tongue and let the nutrients absorb for about 1 minute. You can take CBD oil before bedtime, or any time during the day for a great night of quality sleep.


CBD Vitamins & Supplements


CBD powder supplements and edible CBD vitamins are an easy way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine.

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CBD Edibles & Gummies


We combined the best cannabinoids for sleep: CBD, CBN, CBG with Melatonin so you can enjoy a great night of restul sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

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CBD Vapes


Inhaling CBD with vape pens is one of the fastest-acting CBD delivery methods. Vaping won’t damage your throat and lungs like cigarettes do, and can be a convenient way to intake CBD and feel the results fast.


Topical CBD Creams & Lotions


A great way to relax and soothe sore muscles and joints before bedtime. CBD is absorbed through the skin's CB2 receptors and into the bloodstream in the area for targeted relief.

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CBD for Pets


Your pet has an Endocannabinoid System too and can benefit from the same natural wellness we experience with CBD.

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What’s the best way to take CBD for a good night’s sleep?

There are many effective methods of consuming CBD - what matters most is the quality and extraction method of your CBD products. One of the most popular ways to get the most out of your CBD is to apply a few drops of high-quality CBD oil under your tongue, which allows it to be absorbed directly into your bloodstream instead of getting broken down by the liver once it’s ingested.

How much CBD should I take for sleep?

Unlike sleep medication and prescription drugs, CBD has no harmful dose. However, we recommend starting with a small amount so you can gauge your body’s response, and gradually increase your intake until you find the perfect therapeutic dosage for a good night’s sleep.

What are the health benefits of CBD for sleep?

Cannabinoids like CBD support a healthy, balanced Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS is your body's control center that modulates every system and function of your body, including your circadian rhythm. A healthy ECS helps your body and mind wind down and relax when it's time to sleep, sleep deeply through the night, and wake up rested and energized.

Will CBD show up on a drug test?

No. Hemp CBD is federally legal, and as long as it’s not mixed with other substances, it will not show up on a drug test. Be sure to only buy CBD from verified manufacturers that ensure high-quality products and lab test results.

What are the risks and side effects of CBD?

CBD has no known risks, side effects, or lethal dose. To ensure you’re not exposed to harmful chemicals or pesticides, make sure to only buy high quality CBD from a verified source that has available lab results for each batch and is transparent about their growing, extracting, and manufacturing practices.

CBD may interact with several medications. If you’re taking any medications or supplements that come with a “grapefruit warning,” ask your doctor before consuming CBD.

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😴 Sleep Stack: Melatonin + Muscle Rub + Mana Oil

🤕 Pure Relief: Mana Oil + Muscle Rub