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8 Ways Hemp Solves Environmental Problems


In honor of World Environment Day, let's celebrate all the ways hemp makes our planet better.

Imagine if there was a crop that made the earth healthier, could be cultivated almost anywhere in the world, required zero pesticides or harmful chemicals, and could make over 25,000 products.

Better yet, this crop could mature within months, keep producing for years to come, and even replace plastic and paper.

Surprise – that crop is hemp.

⁣Hemp can also lead to more sustainable farming, which boosts local economies while having a positive impact on the environment.⁣

1. Hemp Plants Are Nature's Purifier

Hemp plants capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and purify the air we breathe.

Fun fact: Hemp is much more efficient at removing carbon dioxide from the air than trees.

2. Hemp Plants Regenerate the Soil

The stem and leaves of hemp plants are full of nutrients that nourish and replenish the soil.

Healthy soil = healthy food = healthy us!

3. Hemp Plants Reduce Toxins & Pollutants

Hemp doesn’t require any pesticides or herbicides to grow. Exposure to these nasties causes environmental problems like water contamination and is linked to health issues like cancer.

Hemp absorbs and eliminates harmful toxins from the environment.


4. Hemp is a Renewable Biofuel

Hemp converts to biodiesel at a 97% efficiency rate. It also burns at a lower temperature than any other type of biofuel.

Hemp is natural, non-toxic, can be domestically produced, and when burned in a diesel engine, it eradicates the exhaust odor of petroleum.

5. Hemp Plants Conserve Water & Land

Hemp plants naturally irrigate themselves, allowing for water conservation.

Hemp requires less land per pound of fiber to grow and

can flourish in almost any climate and type of soil.


6. Hemp Reduces Deforestation

Hemp can replace trees as a sustainable source of raw material for paper, wood, fabric, building materials, and even food.

While trees take decades to mature, hemp plants only take 2-4 months. An acre of hemp produces up to 4x as much wood pulp for paper as trees.

7. Hemp Can Be A Biodegradable Plastic

Hemp plastics are lightweight, durable, and completely biodegradable.

They also don’t contain the harmful chemicals found in regular plastics.


8. Hemp Gives Back to the Earth

Improper farming practices strip the land of its nutrients, resulting in soil degradation, which reduces the health of the crops.

Hemp returns many of its nutrients into the ground which makes the soil healthier and purifies the environment.

Action Steps: 

⚫️ Use more hemp-based products

⚫️ Minimize your use of plastics and paper

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